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Meet the Team at Martin O’Connor Auto Services

Martin O’Connor Auto Services’ team of trained and knowledgeable automotive engineers and technicians have the experience to work on all makes and models of vehicles – from the classic to those fresh off the production line.

Martin O’Connor

Martin is a trained and qualified automotive diesel engineer with more than 40 years industry experience. Often called Doc Martin, his extensive knowledge of vehicles means he can fix any mechanical problem he encounters.

Rosemary Bond

Rosemary is the friendly face of Martin O’Connor Auto Services. She’s the person clients deal with when they’re booking in their vehicle. She also takes care of the books and administration and keeps the boys in line, which is why she’s sometimes called Matron.

Mike Tutty

Mike is an A Grade motor mechanic and technician with over 50 years’ experience. His knowledge is extensive, and he specialises in tractors, older cars, and classic cars.

For reliable, top quality mechanical repairs on your vehicles, farm equipment and classic cars, contact the team at Martin O’Connor Auto Services (03) 448-5121